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The Albertina Museum is situated in the palace of Archduke Albrecht (Albert) – son-in-law of Maria Theresa. Maria Theresa relocated the court from here, acquiring a private palace on Herrengasse for this purpose. Her daughter and son-in-law resided here after returning from Bratislava, where they served as envoys of the House of Habsburg in Hungary. It was in Bratislava that the art collection was initially established, later moving to this building. In 1792, Archduke Albrecht amassed a significant collection in the Austrian Netherlands, where he also served as a crown envoy.

Having no children, Archduke Albrecht and his wife were renowned as avid art enthusiasts. The Albertina's permanent collection boasts around a million paintings and drawings spanning from the Renaissance to the present day, but the most captivating displays are often the temporary exhibitions. We happened to visit during an exhibition featuring Monet.

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Evgeny Praisman
From Stephansplatz to the Albertina and its surroundings. Vienna, September 25, 2018.

From Stephansplatz, we meandered through the time-worn cobbles of Karntrashtrasse, arriving at the venerable Albertina Gallery. There, a unique Monet exhibition unfolded before our eyes, uniting his masterpieces from global museums. This collection showcased the same locales captured at varying seasons and times, revealing Monet's genius in a new light. Our stroll culminated at the old market square, where we were delighted by a humorous tale reminiscent of Mark Twain's wit.

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