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At the beginning of the 20th century, the Pandorin family from Russia settled in Menahemia. The land was purchased and sold by PICA. There is not a single Jewish settlement in the entire area. Due to the difficulties, the land is transferred to the management of PIKA. At the end of the 19th century there was a change in the management of the colonies of the Baron. From the first of January 1900 the management passes to the Ikers. Haim Kalbarisky Margaliot manages his eyes in Menahemia and the Sea of Galilee. Surveyors find a narrow strip between the slopes of hills and the Jordan River where Menahemia will stand. Menahemia becomes the first settlement.

Below us we can clearly see the northern part of the Jordan River in the valley. This part of Jordan is preserved without changing the route. In 1900, Ephraim Brewer drew a map. There is not a single Jewish settlement between Jordan and Haifa. Gush Sejra, Kfar Tavor, Yavneel and Menahemia are the first and strongest settlements that determine the eastern border of the settlement and the state on the way.

Menahemia marks 120 years of settlement in the Jordan Valley. Tzemach was a major city inhabited by Horans from the Golan Heights. A plant is the key to Tiberias on a cruise. The area of the Jordan exit from the Sea of Galilee was not passable, there were swamps and it was better to use sea transport. Below us is Tel Ovadia, where the road passes, full of robbers. The locality Sirin above us is an Arab locality and below us a locality of Ovadia. Shmuel Dayan One of the pioneers was ill and they send a pioneer to bring him a doctor from Menahemia. He arrives at work and encounters robbers there. Shot one of them and killed him. The boy was named Moshe Bersky, after whom Shmuel named his son - Moshe Dayan.

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This daily trip kisses the most mythical points of the Israeli tradition. We will start with Menahemia, which was once called the Paris of the Galilee and became a hole in the Jordan Valley. We will talk and observe the important sites related to the peace agreement with the Kingdom of Jordan and the management of the water economy between the two countries. We will visit Kibbutz Kinneret Group and get to know Naomi Shemer's places of inspiration and end up at Kibbutz Maagan in the Paratrooper's House. Translated with Google Translate

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