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Following the trend of other European cities, Vienna's first public clock was installed in 1415 on the southern tower of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Until the 18th century, predominantly church clocks were present, usually mounted on bell towers. During the 19th century, clocks began to appear on other buildings, including town halls. The current clock face with hour and minute hands became the standard due to the increased need of citizens to know the exact time.

In 1862, clocks were installed in St. Stephen's Cathedral in two round windows. While the left clock features a traditional dial and hand, the right one received a jumping mechanism for the hourly and five-minute hands, which was replaced in 1909 by a single-minute jump. Numerous improvements in providing the citizens with clocks were made starting from 1864, based on a resolution of the Vienna City Council. Among other things, all suburbs received at least one public clock. Additionally, in some tower clocks, the dial was replaced with transparent illumination, allowing the time to be visible at night.

In 1865, a new type of clock was introduced: tabletop and column clocks designed as part of Stadtmobiliar. The first column clocks were put into operation in September 1865 as a pilot project in Am Hof and were installed near Karltor on Praterstrasse.

In 1877, the world's first clocks with pneumatic drive were ceremoniously put into operation on Schottenring. When these clocks proved too inaccurate over time, alternative methods of clockwork control were sought. Friedrich von Lössl developed a solution that took into account daily changes in air pressure and air temperature to prevent the heating or cooling of the winding spring.

In August 1883, a pavilion equipped with "World Clocks" was opened in the city park. The clocks displayed the current time in Vienna, created a special hourly show at dawn and dusk, and were equipped with several smaller clocks showing the time in various other cities, such as Paris, London, and Istanbul.

After the electrification of Vienna's tram in 1897 and street lighting in 1902, the first electric clocks in Vienna were opened in October 1906, crowning the Arthaberbrunnen in Arthaber Park. And the oldest and most famous clocks in the city, we will see later. It would be good to make it by 12:00.

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Vienna. The Ringstrasse.

A leisurely stroll through the historic part of the city unfolds a tapestry of enchanting landmarks. The city park, adorned with the melodies of Strauss and Schubert, leads to the venerable city gates named after Luger and Mozart. The narrative of "Ah, My Sweet Augustine" echoes through time, while the oldest church in the city stands as a testament to bygone eras. The tales of Theodor Herzl, the anchor clocks, the Jewish quarter, the square where it all began, the longest narrow alley, the Estergazi restaurant, and Andersen's house weave together seamlessly.

Wander down Graben Street, passing by the plague column and fountains, where the stories of homes, people, words, legends, and traditions blend harmoniously. Amidst it all, relish the charm of restaurants, cafes, wines, and coziness that add an extra layer of warmth to this rich tapestry of history and culture.

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