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We are on the steps of the old museum. It happened like that, because it all started. It was the first museum on the island on which the first collection of the order of Frederick III was placed. The collection was removed from the palace (a building opposite) and transferred to the museum in 1830. Before that, the entire island was the royal garden where vegetables were grown for the royal kitchen. The historic palace of kings was finally destroyed in the 50s by the Soviet authorities in East Berlin and now rebuilt. The place on the steps of the old museum was used during Hitler's speeches. Here were the well-known speeches and parades with torches. The great ugliness in front of the stairwell at the entrance was moved to the left by the Nazi regime in order to make room for a large audience to watch the Fiihrer's speeches. The ugliness originally came in front of the entrance because it was not brought into the museum because of its size. The architect of the museum, Karl Schinkel, said that the diameter of the ugliness would not exceed 6 meters, and he designed a main entrance gate to the museum according to these dimensions. But when they began cutting the ugliness out of a huge block of rock, they wanted to create more ugliness than what existed in England and Russia, and succeeded in molding an ugliness of more than 6 meters in diameter, but it was already left. Translated with Google Translate

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A short two-hour tour of the city will lead us through known squares and beauty to the famous museum island, towards the ancient palaces, enter the heart of the oppressive city and find out the source of the name Berlin and conclude with a number of unique stories including the story of Wolifrid Israel and the connection between Berlin and Kibbutz Hazorea Alexander is named after the Russian narrow Translated with Google Translate

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