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The visit to the house tells a lot about life in Nurenberg almost 500 years ago. This large room may have served as a sleeping room since the adjacent kitchen would have provided heat in winter. But that presumably would have posed problems in summer so we cannot be sure. The passage linking the room to the staircase is modern. The kitchen is the only room in the house whose purpose can be determined without a doubt—the kitchen utensils date from a later time. Privy space is the most exciting place in the kitchen. In 1520, Durer's health deteriorated, and he had part of the kitchen partitioned off as a "secret chamber" (toilet). At that time, access to this room was only from the corridor, where today's staircase is located.

Dürer's family life was somewhat out of the ordinary: in 1494, he married Agnes Frey, at the will of both fathers. While Dürer's mother had been pregnant eighteen times, his marriage remained childless. In any case, the barrenness left them more time for work; Agnes helped with the distribution of Dürer's prints. He cared for his parents and his brothers, Hans and Endres, relocating his widowed mother into his household in 1504. We know a lot about Durer, even the piquant details. In 1515, Dürer was so severely insulted by a certain Jörg Vierling that the matter was taken to the City Council. Dürer left an incredible amount of personal documents: letters and diaries, annotated paintings, and countless self-portraits and portraits of his contemporaries. All evidence points out that the great artist seems to have been a great human being, too – if a bit suffering.

Let us pass to the dining room. The generous glazing indicated wealth, both to inhabitants of the house and the citizens of Nuremberg. In this room, around 1885, Friedrich Wilhelm Wanderer, the previous possessor of the house furnished a prestigious "dining room," following the style of Historicism. The tiled stove dates from the 17th century.

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Nuremberg for those who love walking around. I love to walk around the city and discover its stories, people, tastes, sounds, views. This walk takes a whole day and includes the most beautiful photo locations of the city. We will walk along the embankments of the Pegnitz River from the eastern to the western gates; we will be able to take beautiful photos near the Holy Spirit Hospital, the museum bridge, and the old meat market, the executioner's house, the chain bridge, and Maxbruck. We will leave the old city for a few minutes to enjoy the autumn park, enchanted by a crossbow shooter. We will visit the house of Albrecht Durer and find out the history of the most intriguing fake portrait in the history of humankind. We will have lunch at the oldest restaurant in the city and end our journey in the area of ​​the red light district.

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