Pinsteps. The Ten Monuments temple, Tel Gezer
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High Place - Monolithic Temple is a shrine, which includes one stone basin and ten monoliths, each different from the other in size and shape Scholars believe the temple served as a venue where alliances between tribes or city-states were forged or renewed. The ten monoliths may have symbolized the city of Gezer and nine allied cities in its vicinity. The stone basin may have served as a container for a blood libation during an alliance ceremony. A ritual of this type is described in the Bible after Moses brought the Ten Commandments down A figurine of a fertility goddess Mount Sinai: "Moses then wrote down all the commands of the Lord. Early in the morning, he set up an altar at the foot of the mountain with twelve pillars for the twelve tribes of Israel […..] Moses took one part of the blood and put it in the stone basins, and the other part of the blood he burned against the altar" (Exodus 24:4-6).

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Evgeny Praisman
My trip in Tel Gezer, Israel of Mar 15, 2020

A walk along Tel Gezer reveals the most unexpected and amazing moments of the distant past. The oldest Hebrew inscription was found here. The giant pagan altar of Canaan was found here. The city gates of the times of King Solomon were found here. Spring is the best time for walking. A green carpet of lush grass covers the hill slopes, and trails lead to the cold waters of a natural spring in the middle of wheat fields.

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