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The historic art bunker is a tunnel system under the Nuremberg Castle and forms a station of the Nuremberg Historic Mile. The rock passages have been created in the hard sandstone since the Middle Ages. From 1939, at the instigation of the then director of the Germanic National Museum Heinrich Kohlhaußen, numerous of these rock passages were used to protect works of art from bombing raids. From summer 1940 the rock cellar Obere Schmiedgasse 52 was reconstructed in 1941 the Neutorturm cellar, and from 1943, the passage under the palace was also turned into art bunker. The reconstruction ensured heating, ventilation, and drainage; the bunker extends up to 24 meters deep and supplies optimal conditions. Today the shelter is the first fully automated museum in Nuremberg.

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Nuremberg for those who love walking around. I love to walk around the city and discover its stories, people, tastes, sounds, views. This walk takes a whole day and includes the most beautiful photo locations of the city. We will walk along the embankments of the Pegnitz River from the eastern to the western gates; we will be able to take beautiful photos near the Holy Spirit Hospital, the museum bridge, and the old meat market, the executioner's house, the chain bridge, and Maxbruck. We will leave the old city for a few minutes to enjoy the autumn park, enchanted by a crossbow shooter. We will visit the house of Albrecht Durer and find out the history of the most intriguing fake portrait in the history of humankind. We will have lunch at the oldest restaurant in the city and end our journey in the area of ​​the red light district.

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