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This is one of the most beautiful buildings of Riga, built in the neo-renaissance style. It housed the Riga Stock Exchange since 1855. Architect Harald Bosse, who designed the building for the stock exchange, was born in 1812 into the family of a Riga painting professor whose grandfather was from Germany. Bosse has built many buildings and private houses in St. Petersburg, his own house is also located in the city of Petra on Vasilyevsky Island. Bosse built quite a few churches for Lutherans and reformists of the French, Estonian communities. His tenement houses and mansions adorn the St. Isaac's Square, the embankments of the Moika and Fontanka rivers. But the Orthodox Church in Dresden made it famous, where the architect studied and where he returned to in the last years of his life. So, dryly and briefly, one can describe the life of a man who was born in the year of the beginning of the Patriotic War of Russia with Napoleon’s army and died a year when in Paris it was decided to establish an Olympic committee and hold the Olympic games, the Dreyfus case began, and in Odessa Isaac Babel. He lived almost the entire 19th century, from the Napoleonic wars to the revolutionary movement, he was an innovator in the architecture of St. Petersburg and worked with Karl Bryullov and preferred to return to conservative Dresden at the end of the years and become famous for the orthodox church in the Lutheran city. In his fate, the entire 19th century is in full view. Translated with Google Translate

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A rainy autumn day in Riga

What to do in Riga on a rainy autumn day, and even a day off? You can actually have a great time and share some secrets. Translated with Google Translate

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