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Mount Miatsminda is one of the symbols of the city. The famous song Tbilisio which tells the ballad of the city, mentions the park. As far back as the sixth century, the monk David settled on its slopes, giving the origin for the modern church and the pantheon next to it. David was one of the founders of Christianity in Georgia. He is a personage of the ancient legend of Tbilisi. Once a noblewoman accused David of being pregnant from him. He told this is a slander, and the slander would become a stone, and she would deliver this stone. So It happened. Near the church of David, there is a source, and it is believed that its waters have the miraculous power of fertility.

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Evgeny Praisman
Tbilisi, Jvari. May 31, 2019

On this beautiful sunny day, we went to Jvari to see the confluence of Aragvi and Kura from the top of the monastery, took a ride on the children's railway and visited the market under the Dry Bridge and climbed the funicular to Matsminda and met a spectacular sunset.

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