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On the modern embankment, the construction and improvement that is ongoing to this day, you can see a small area and very often photographed people on an outstanding spearhead in the sea, like the bow of a ship, on a concrete balcony. Many say that it symbolizes the ships that came to the port of Jaffa, and many say that this “ship's nose” reminds of a neighboring street called Ruslan. Ruslan is the name of the ship that sailed from Odessa at the end of 1919 after a huge effort to obtain exit permits, and after the British, the new rulers of the country, agreed to the arrival of the ship in the port of Jaffa. The ship left the port of Odessa and began to raid off the coast of Jaffa on December 19, 1919. On board were 671 immigrants, and it marked the beginning of the third wave of mass repatriation to Eretz Yisrael. Among these people was the majority of writers, doctors, engineers, artists, teachers and representatives of other free professions. Many compare this ship in the history of Israel with the Mayflower ship in the history of the United States of America. Among its passengers were: the poetess Rachel (Israeli Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva in one person), historian Joseph Klausner (historian, Israeli prize winner, writer uncle Amos Oz), Dr. Moshe Glikson (philosopher and publicist, editor-in-chief of leading publications in the country), engineers and architects Yehuda Magidovich and Zeev Rechter (they largely own the look of historical Tel Aviv) choreographer, screenwriter, cameraman Baruch Agadi (founder of Israeli cinema and choreography), cartoonist Arie Navon, Rosa Cohen - mother of Yitzhak Rabin, sculptor Moshe Tzi fer, Rachel Cohen-Kagan (the first woman member of the Israeli parliament), Dr. Arie Dostrovsky - founder of the School of Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jerusalem, and many other names that have played an important role in Israel's history. Translated with Google Translate

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Tel Aviv from its beginning back to Jaffa

One of the most interesting pages in the history of Tel Aviv and Jaffa is the relationship of cities throughout the twentieth century. Jaffa has been a large port city for centuries, and Tel Aviv was only conceived in 1909. The first railway in Palestine was built between Jaffa and Jerusalem when Tel Aviv was not yet there. The Manshia quarter - at the junction of Jaffa and Tel Aviv - ceased to exist during the war for the Independence of Israel. Jaffa became part of the booming Tel Aviv, but retained its identity. All these stories will be told by the route from Mitham aTahan - the old railway station, across the Manshia embankment to ancient Jaffa to the top of the hill of Abrashi Park, where today the most beautiful and most famous view of Tel Aviv and Jaffa opens. Translated with Google Translate

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