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The Gezer Calendar A 10th century BCE inscription on a small limestone tablet The Gezer Calendar, which measures 7 x 11 cm, is considered the oldest ancient Hebrew document so far discovered. lt was found by Macalister among mounds of excavated material from his dig. It is now on display at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. The calendar is generally believed to be a record of agricultural work done during the 12 months of the year. Translation of the inscription: Two months of harvest Two months of sowing Two months of late planting One month of hoeing flax One month of barley harvest One month of harvest and measuring Two months of vine pruning One month of summer [fruit]

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Evgeny Praisman
Tel Gezer, Israel

A walk along Tel Gezer reveals the most unexpected and amazing moments of the distant past. The oldest Hebrew inscription was found here. The giant pagan altar of Canaan was found here. The city gates of the times of King Solomon were found here. Spring is the best time for walking. A green carpet of lush grass covers the hill slopes, and trails lead to the cold waters of a natural spring in the middle of wheat fields.

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