Pinsteps. Parking at Damon Crossroads
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This is the start point of the route. Be aware of signs along the way.

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Evgeny Praisman
 Alon and Oren Creek - Carmel Park and Mount

The walking route along the watercourse of the Alon stream takes us to the Alon valley and leads to the Oren stream. The route is not difficult to pass throw and does not require any physical preparation. At the end of the route, there is a fresh spring and a pool at the bottom of it. The arch of the flour mill from the crusaders times opens a small steep climb to the endpoint of the route. This route is the end-to-end path. You should to take care of transport between the start and end points of the journey. In winter, during the rainy season, the creeks can be flooded, and before starting the trip on a route, you need to check the weather conditions. At any time of the year, before entering the path, be sure to get closed equipped with comfortable shoes and drinking water.

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