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Dudaim creek is another, along with Karkur creek, a large seasonal creek Gvaot Goral. Its name comes from the name of the plant Duda or Mandragora. It is wild, and sometimes medicinal. Mandrake root has long been known for its healing properties. The Bible tells us that once Reuben - the first son of Leah and Jacob brought a mandrake from the field. Rachel, Leia’s younger sister and Jacob’s beloved wife, asked Leia to give her this plant. To which Leia told her sister: not only did you take my husband from me, do you want to take your son’s mandrake as well? Jacob always loved Rachel. He wanted her as his wife, but according to the laws of that time, the older sister was to be married first, and then the younger. That is why Jacob had two wives and that is why Leia, the elder sister, envied the younger. That night, the sisters agreed that Leah would divide Jacob’s bed, and that Rachel would receive a mandrake root for this. And so it happened. That night, Issachar, the fifth son of Jacob, was conceived. Translated with Google Translate

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Beer Sheva, Dudaim Forest, Lahavim Forest and Sternbergia flowering.

This is a weekend trip for the whole family. Negev - the desert in southern Israel is especially beautiful after the first rains. In Be'er Sheva, the story is about the old city of Turkish and English Be'er Sheva, the last steam train, a Jewish soldier and a damned mosque. After Beer Sheva, the path passes through the hills of the Goral in a jeep, however, in the area of Lahavim, you can reach the place of flowering of Sternbergia on asphalt roads. Translated with Google Translate

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