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The Meissl & Schadn Hotel is a renowned establishment situated with its main façade facing Neuer Markt Square, parallel to Kärntner Strasse. The beautiful ornate façade in front of us is, in fact, the "back" of the hotel. According to one contemporary from the dawn of bourgeois Vienna, this hotel was the place of the "noble bourgeoisie that no one sees and doesn't want to see." The history of this place dates back to the mid-17th century when the first hotel, called "At the Blue Deer," was established here. In 1852, it was acquired by a Viennese restaurant cooperative, which sold the building a few decades later. The Meissl & Schadn Hotel was then constructed in 1894-96 by Karl Hofmayer.

The façade facing Kärntner Strasse was adorned with a mosaic by Eduard Veith representing the five continents. A notable guest at the hotel was the composer Edvard Grieg, who stayed here in 1865, 1869, and 1896. Scandinavians, in general, frequented Vienna in the 19th century, influenced by Andersen's writings, as he spent a considerable amount of time in the city.

On the ground floor of the hotel's Grand Dining Hall, facing Kärntner Strasse, on October 21, 1916, socialist Friedrich Adler shot Prime Minister Karl Graf Stürgkh. The historical building was destroyed in 1945 during World War II. However, the side facing Kärntner Strasse, with the still-existing mosaic, survived and was incorporated into the wall of the new Europa Hotel. This new hotel, like its predecessor, has its main façade facing the New Market Square.

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Evgeny Praisman
From Stephansplatz to the Albertina and its surroundings. Vienna, September 25, 2018.

From Stephansplatz, we meandered through the time-worn cobbles of Karntrashtrasse, arriving at the venerable Albertina Gallery. There, a unique Monet exhibition unfolded before our eyes, uniting his masterpieces from global museums. This collection showcased the same locales captured at varying seasons and times, revealing Monet's genius in a new light. Our stroll culminated at the old market square, where we were delighted by a humorous tale reminiscent of Mark Twain's wit.

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