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The Meissl & Schadn hotel is a famous hotel that overlooks the main facade of the parallel Kärntner Strasse Neuer Markt square. The beautiful painted facade in front of us is, in fact, the “reverse side of the hotel. According to one of his contemporaries, the era of the dawn of bourgeois Vienna, this hotel was the place of "a noble bourgeoisie that no one sees or wants to see." And the history of the place dates back to the middle of the XVII century, when there was the first hotel here, called “At the blue deer”. In 1852, it was acquired by a Viennese restaurant cooperative, which sold the building several decades later, and the Meissl & Schadn hotel was built in 1894-96. Karl Hoffmayer. The façade facing Kärntner Straße was decorated with a mosaic of Edward Weit representing the five ends of the world. The famous guest at the hotel was composer Edvard Grieg, who remained here in 1865, 1869 and 1896. In general, the Scandinavians visited Vienna in the 19th century after the notes of Andersen, who spent a long time in this city. On the ground floor of the Great Dining Hall of the hotel, which opens onto Kärntner Strasse, on October 21, 1916, socialist Friedrich Adler shot Prime Minister Carl Graf Sturgh. The historic building burned down in 1945 during World War II. The side facing the Kärntner Straße with the still existing mosaic was preserved and built into the wall of the new Hotel Europa, built, like the previous one, with the main facade facing the new market square. Translated with Google Translate

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From Stephansplatz to Albertina and surroundings. My trip in Vienna of Sep 25, 2018.

From Stephansplatz across the ancient Karntrashtrasse to the Albertina Gallery. In Albertina, there was an exhibition of Monet, when the works of this artist were brought from different museums of the world and exhibited together, representing the same places at different times of the year or at different times of the day. And the walk on the square of the old market ended, with the funny story of Mark Twain. Translated with Google Translate

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