Pinsteps. Department Store Stefel, Vienna
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Opposite is the grand department store Stefel, featuring an observation deck on the seventh floor that offers a stunning view of Vienna and St. Stephen's Cathedral. Additionally, this department store boasts a convenient VAT refund system for tourists. The process is quick, queue-free, and can be done in cash at the automated kiosk.

Within this store, renowned for its unique shops on Kärntner Strasse, stands the flagship store of German designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld. He gained worldwide acclaim for his design work in clothing and accessories, particularly his affinity for natural fur. This passion has, at times, been the subject of criticism from animal rights advocates. Karl also faced considerable scrutiny for his once highly-publicized marriage to life partner Jacques de Bascher, which ended in the latter's death from AIDS in 1989. Since then, Karl has lived a solitary life.

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Evgeny Praisman
From Stephansplatz to the Albertina and its surroundings. Vienna, September 25, 2018.

From Stephansplatz, we meandered through the time-worn cobbles of Karntrashtrasse, arriving at the venerable Albertina Gallery. There, a unique Monet exhibition unfolded before our eyes, uniting his masterpieces from global museums. This collection showcased the same locales captured at varying seasons and times, revealing Monet's genius in a new light. Our stroll culminated at the old market square, where we were delighted by a humorous tale reminiscent of Mark Twain's wit.

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