Pinsteps. Michel house בית מישל دار ميشيل בית הארחה מישל האוס
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The streets of renovated ancient Nazareth are filled with tales rather than stories. For example, Michelle’s House is named after the boy Michelle, who was raised by a respected family in the city. It was the Kaur family - the first governor of Nazareth during the Turkish rule. The Kaur family built for themselves a large mansion in which there were male and female parts. An arch connected them over the street. When a little Michel was coming here, they were treating him the most distinguished guest with sweets and with rendered hospitality honors. Therefore, the owners decided to name the modern hotel Michelle's House. By the way, the rooms in this boutique hotel are named after Michel's mother, his sister, and uncle.

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Evgeny Praisman
Nazareth in Christmas

We decided to go to Nazareth for Christmas. But very quickly, we realized that it is possible and necessary to come to Nazareth without any particular reason. It is a very self-sufficient, authentic, traditional, and modern city with a good spirit, smiling people, and delicious food. We took a walk from Maria’s well through the streets of the old town to the colorful bazaar, the white mosque, the synagogue church, the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of the House of Joseph, the Museum of cave-dwelled Nazareth, Fahome Coffee Shop, Alreda Restaurant, and Tishreen Restaurant. It was a wonderful trip!

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