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Judaism does not imply the holiness of any specific place, the whole universe is holy - the creation of the Creator. At the same time, the Jerusalem Temple was the only place of prayer and service of the whole people, where the concept of cult, national community and spiritual purity was sacred. The first Temple of Jerusalem was built by King Solomon in the 10th century BC. ne After the destruction of the First Temple of Nebuchadnezzar in the 6th century BC, the Jews, returning from their captivity, erected the Second Temple of Jerusalem, which existed until the 70th year of the first century AD when was destroyed by the Romans. Approximately 80 years before the destruction of the Temple by Roman troops under the command of the future emperor of the Roman Empire, Titus, King Herod the Great, erected retaining walls around the temple mountain, expanding and leveling the area around the Temple and creating an architectural complex unprecedented in scale and beauty. These walls exist to this day. The section of the western wall has been a place of prayer since the 2nd century AD. and continues to be so to this day. Today this place is known as the Wailing Wall. The first and second temples were destroyed on the same day of the calendar - 9 Av. This is the day of mourning, in which near the Western Wall mourn the destruction of the temple. This tradition has led to the fact that in many languages, the Western Wall has been called the Wailing Wall. The tradition of leaving notes in the gaps between the stones of the wall, goes back to the Jewish sage Rabbi Haim Ben Atar, who commanded his disciple to do so, who soon descended to grace. It is said that the very act of writing a note forms a person’s faith and hope, which materializes due to the collective energy of good, faith and love that can work wonders. Millions of people from all over the world come to Jerusalem every year to see the Wailing Wall and write a note or simply ask the Almighty for well-being and prosperity. Translated with Google Translate

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Masa Jerusalem

Walk through the old city of Jerusalem. From Yafsky gates to the garbage gates. The Jerusalem Museum from the time of the Second Khrami and a burnt house. Wall of Tears. Translated with Google Translate

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