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The Cyprus postal service, in the form in which we know it today, was organized on the initiative of the British colonial administration in 1878. The first British High Commissioner and Governor of Cyprus, Sir Garnet Walsley, arrived with a specific task - to promote the well-being and business development of these places. One of his priorities was the creation of a post office. Mail organization was one of the first measures. On July 22, 1878, a post office in Larnaca was founded, linked to the Main Post Office in London. Among the first employees were four Cypriots. In order to ensure proper operation of the department, during the first month the government signed contracts with several local residents to transport mail from Nicosia to Larnaca once a day, in carts. The contract stated that the speed of transportation should be six miles per hour, and in the cart there should always be two free places for civil servants. Even if the correspondence arrived from the UK during off-hours, it had to be delivered to its destination under any circumstances.

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