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The Museum of Islamic Culture is located in the building of a large mosque. It was built along with the house of government. According to legend, a curse fell on the mosque, and no one ever prayed in it. Nevertheless, it is the only large mosque during the Turkish rule in Be'er Sheva and the Negev. Today it houses a museum of Islamic culture. It was decided to create such a museum in an empty mosque building by decision of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel. The matter went to court, when the Negev Muslims demanded that they return the religious building for worship. The military authorities, on the contrary, argued that since the mosque never performed its religious function and did not belong to a religious community, it, like other Turkish buildings nationalized by the British and then Israel, should not be converted into religious property. The court decided to place a museum in the mosque, thus preserving its Islamic spirit, but not giving the place a religious coloring, which it never had. Translated with Google Translate

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Be'er Sheva

Walking tour of the historical part of Be'er Sheva from the old railway station, the monument to the steam locomotive and Turkish troops from the First World War, through the city park and historical wells that gave the city its name, to the big mosque and art museum, Allenby park and the obelisk to the British general, and finally walks the English war cemetery with several interesting tombstones. Translated with Google Translate

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