Pinsteps. The Lovat Arms Hotel and Clan Fraser: A Historical Connection in Beauly's Heart
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The Lovat Arms Hotel, situated in Beauly, plays a significant role in the history of Fraser Country. The Clan Fraser of Lovat, the principal clan in the area, has historical roots that extend back to the 13th Century. This clan's influence is deeply intertwined with the hotel and the surrounding region.

The architecture of Beauly is partly defined by the wide rectangular market square, a planned area created by Baron Lovat around 1840. This design reflects the historical and economic importance of the village, particularly during a time when cattle fairs were a prominent feature.

Beauly is rich in history, with Beauly Priory being a remarkable historical site dating back to 1230. Though a local legend suggests that Mary, Queen of Scots, named the area "Beau Lieu" (a beautiful place) during her stay, the veracity of this claim is uncertain.

The naming of Beauly and the connections between Scotland and France may also reflect broader historical patterns. The alliance between Scotland and France, often in opposition to England, has left its mark on the region's history and possibly even its name.

The Lovat Arms Hotel is a connection point for visitors to this historical landscape. Its location and architectural style pay homage to the cultural heritage of the Highlands, embodying the traditional essence of the region. Whether it's the legacy of Clan Fraser, the architectural charm of Beauly, or the historical connections between Scotland and France, the Lovat Arms Hotel and its surroundings offer a unique window into a rich and storied past.

So, those are some famous Lavat personas:

Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat and 4th Baron Lovat, DSO, MC (1911–1995): A key figure in the Clan Fraser, Simon Fraser was a prominent British Army officer during World War II. As commander of the Special Service Brigade, he played an instrumental role in the D-Day landings at Sword Beach. His bravery earned him awards such as the Distinguished Service Order and Military Cross. After the war, he served as the colonel of the Lovat Scouts and Lord Lieutenant of Inverness-shire. His actions during the war have made him a revered figure in military history and within Clan Fraser.

Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat (1667–1747): Known as 'The Fox,' Simon Fraser was an influential Scottish Jacobite and Chief of Clan Fraser. He played a prominent role in the Jacobite Rising of 1745, supporting Charles Edward Stuart, also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie. After the defeat at the Battle of Culloden, he was captured and taken to London for trial. Found guilty of treason, he was beheaded on Tower Hill in 1747. The last man was publicly beheaded in Britain. His life was filled with political intrigue and shifting alliances, and his execution marked a significant moment in British history.

Laura Fraser (b. 1976): Laura Fraser is a Scottish actress born in Glasgow. She began acting in the early 1990s and has appeared in films such as "A Knight's Tale" and "The Boys Are Back." Fraser also played Lydia Rodarte-Quayle in the critically acclaimed TV series "Breaking Bad." Her solid performances and versatility characterise her work in various roles.

Together, these members of the Fraser family offer a rich tapestry of history, heroism, and dedication to their clan and country. From the battlefields of World War II to the intrigues of the Jacobite risings and through their contributions to Scottish society, the Fraser family stands as a symbol of resilience and honour in Scottish history.

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Fairy Glen, Skye Ferry, Inverness, Nairn, Beauly of Jul 18, 2023

Embarking on a journey through some of the most striking and historically rich locations in the Scottish Highlands promises an unforgettable adventure filled with enchantment, lore, and natural beauty. Here's how you might enjoy such a trip, encompassing the mystical, historical, and cultural gems of the region:

Morning: Skye's Mystical Landscape

Fairy Glen: Folklore and Geology on the Isle of Skye Start your day on the Isle of Skye, exploring the Fairy Glen. This surreal landscape of peculiar conical hills and twisted rocks is imbued with local folklore, hinting at a supernatural presence. Legend has it that fairies created this magical landscape, and they still inhabit it today.

Skye Ferry: Navigating the Kylerhea Straits Between Skye and Mainland Scotland Hop on the Skye Ferry to cross the Kylerhea Straits, a picturesque journey steeped in tradition. The small ferry presents a chance to experience a genuine connection with the Scottish maritime heritage, adding a touch of nostalgia to the trip.

Midday: The West Coast's Rich Tapestry

Glenelg, Highland: A Historical and Natural Tapestry of Scotland's West Coast Arriving at Glenelg, you'll discover an area brimming with historical intrigue and natural beauty. Explore the ancient brochs and learn about the region's Viking history while admiring the breathtaking coastal scenery.

Lunch at Redburn Cafe & Gifts A relaxing lunch at Redburn Cafe allows one to enjoy locally sourced cuisine. The attached gift shop offers unique local crafts, perfect for a keepsake.

Afternoon: Loch Ness and Historical Explorations

Loch Ness: A Majestic Lake of Myths and Milestones A trip to the Highlands wouldn't be complete without visiting Loch Ness. Famous for its legendary monster, Nessie, this deep freshwater loch also offers stunning views and opportunities for boat tours.

History of Urquhart Castle: Early Beginnings to 15th Century Conflicts Nearby, explore the ruins of Urquhart Castle, which stands as a testament to Scotland's turbulent history. Its strategic location provides a glimpse into the early beginnings and 15th-century conflicts that shaped the nation.

Inverness: The Castle's Legacy and the Leaning Town Steeple Arriving in Inverness, explore the town's rich history, including the Castle's legacy and the intriguing leaning steeple.

Highland Heritage Unveiled: A Journey Through the Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Center Don't miss the Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Center for a hands-on experience of the country's textile heritage.

Evening: Literary Havens and Culinary Delights

Leakey's Bookshop: A Literary Haven in the Heart of Inverness Browse the extensive collection at Leakey's Bookshop, a must-see for book lovers.

The Downright Gabbler of Beauly: Tradition, Taste, and Tales End the day in Beauly at The Downright Gabbler, where the fusion of historical and modern cuisine by the skilled daughter of a former Speaker of the Parliament combines with the storytelling artistry of her father for a unique dining experience.

Night: Luxury Highland Rest

Sandown House: A Luxury Highland Haven Retire to Sandown House, where luxury and comfort await, providing the perfect end to a day filled with the diverse and rich tapestry of the Scottish Highlands.

This day trip offers a fascinating blend of natural wonders, historical treasures, culinary delights, and local craftsmanship. Every stop reveals a different facet of Scottish culture and heritage, creating a truly immersive experience. Whether you're drawn to the mystical landscapes of Skye, the historical narratives of Glenelg and Inverness, or the bespoke tailoring of Campbell's in Beauly, this journey offers something for every traveller's taste.

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