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The Garbage Gate is one of the entrances to the Old Town, and its disreputable name received, apparently, for the reason that it was through this opening in the wall that the garbage was taken out of the Temple. It is assumed that the current location of the gate does not coincide with the ancients. There are several opinions about the origin of the gate and their name. According to one version, garbage was taken out through them, according to another - a hole in the wall remained after the invasion of the Crusaders. Today, these gates have been expanded, but they are still the smallest of all that exist in the Old Town. This is the closest and convenient road leading to the Wailing Wall. It is noteworthy that next to the Garbage Gates, there are one more, rarely where mentioned. In width and height, they are even smaller than these, and are currently not used at all. However, excavations along the walls are underway, and archaeologists will find quite a few new artifacts explaining the secrets of the Old City. Translated with Google Translate

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Masa Jerusalem

Walk through the old city of Jerusalem. From Yafsky gates to the garbage gates. The Jerusalem Museum from the time of the Second Khrami and a burnt house. Wall of Tears. Translated with Google Translate

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