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The bridge over the river Vilia, which leads to the opposite bank to the “Republic of Uzhupiyu” (my free interpretation) is the country of free artists :) The self-proclaimed “Republic” of Uzupis is a Bohemian and artistic region of Vilnius. He has his own anthem, constitution, president, bishop, two churches, Bernadinskoe cemetery - one of the oldest in the city - seven bridges and his own guardian called "Bronze Angel Užupis", which was created in 2002. From the 16th century, Užupis (Zarechye) was one of the oldest districts of Vilnius and, despite its current prestigious status, was previously the poorest district of the city and was home to thieves and prostitutes. In Soviet times, the authorities allowed Uzhupis to stagnate, and he quickly gained fame as the most disadvantaged area in the city. Since the restoration of Lithuanian independence in 1991, artists have used the cheap housing of Uzupis. An art academy was built across the bridge from the Bernadin Gardens, and gradually Uzupis began to turn into a creative quarter. Its thriving community hosts regular fashion festivals, concerts, exhibitions and poetry evenings. Over time, Užupis was given the special status of a “land of freedom and creativity”. Translated with Google Translate

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Walking tour of Vilnius for 5 hours.

The route begins and ends on Bernardine Street near a wonderful small hotel Hidden Garden at number 4. You can climb the Castle Hill, walk through the artists quarter - Uzupis, wander the streets of old Vilnius, have a delicious lunch at Styklu Street, visit the most famous bakery in the city and complete the route with an acquaintance with the Vilna sage and the oldest university in the country. Translated with Google Translate

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