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Agios Kendeas Church, dedicated to St. Candace, is one of the few churches located in urban areas. The temple is located in the center of Paphos and was built in 1923. during these years there was an intensive building up of this part of the city. Then rich country houses and apartment houses were built. the rich ones could afford to fill up the hillsides and live in a cooler climate away from the sea and fishing boats. after the British left Cyprus and after the Turkish invasion the city fell into disrepair. graffiti began to appear on the abandoned buildings. today, graffiti has changed the theme and direction but is still important.

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Baths of Adonis and Aphrodite is a beautiful place with a waterfall and an old mill. Neophytos Monastery is a place where history, faith, and wonders of creation meet together. The cozy streets of the upper city will tell you about the modern history of the town and invite you to enjoy the local bar or restaurant.

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