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Tbilisi stretches along the Kura River. Until 1801, the city walls determined the boundaries of Tbilisi. By this time, there were almost no Georgians left in the city. After Persian Shah destroyed Tbilisi in 1795, only Armenians from Avlabar lived here. Avlabar was an Armenian settlement raised in the 13th century on the opposite bank of the river over the impregnable Metech rocks. It was only in the middle of the 20th century that the demographic picture began to change. Beria - minister of interior at the time of Stalin initiated the relocation of ethnic Georgians from the peripheries to Tbilisi. So the population overgrew and reached a million. According to the rules of socialist urban development, the construction of the underground was begun. Today the population of Tbilisi counts million seventy thousands man.

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Evgeny Praisman (author)
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Evgeny Praisman
Tbilisi. May 30, 2019

This day in Tbilisi was unexpected and unusual. It started outside the city, with a horse farm on the Tbilisi Reservoir. It is impossible to understand and feel Georgia and Tbilisi without seeing a Georgian on a horse. From there, the path ran to the Bridge Peace, the cable car, the fortress of Narikala and the old town, the marvelous sulfur waterfall and the fig gorge and of course to the royal baths. After the rest, we walked the streets of the ancient city of the Meydan district, the streets of Sioni and the Church of Sion and ended the day with a beautiful boat ride through the Kura River. It was an incredible adventure!

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