Pinsteps. Nuremberg main market; Nürnberger Hauptmarkt
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Instead of the demolished houses of the Jewish ghetto, two significant marketplaces were created. The primary market was initially called "Green Market" or "Big Market." Trade developed well, and, being an imperial city, Nuremberg attracted many merchants from the south and north of Germany. So the tradition of large fairs began to appear. The largest fest usually took place before Christmas Eve during Advent. The tradition of miniatures is associated with Christmas figures of people and images present in the Milk Cave, where Jesus was born. Over time, this tradition spread to furniture, objects, half-timbered houses, and everything that can be depicted in miniature from everyday life. The feature of drawing modern images and objects became most popular during the development of Protestantism when depicting saints was forbidden.

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We start the walk from the Big Round Tower on the main street of the city, which leads to the old town through the courtyard of artisans and St. Lorenz Square, to the central shopping area of the town, where the largest Christmas market in Europe took place annually. On the way, we see the famous museum bridge, the monument "Ship of fools", dine in the tavern of St. Sebald and return to the beginning of the path through Schleifersteg and Charles Bridge.

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