Pinsteps. The Donauweibchenbrunnen, or Danube Maiden Fountain
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Donauweibchenbrunnen, the Danube Maiden Fountain, is composed of a karst limestone column, four round basins, and gargoyle-like masks. At the top of the stone column stands the figure of a woman on the Danube, a mythical character who supposedly aided poor fishermen or warned them of floods in the Danube. At her feet is a small plaque with the coat of arms of Vienna.

Originally commissioned by the municipality of Vienna in 1858 for the Fischhof (Fishermen's Shore), the fountain was created by Hans Gasser. However, it was not installed there; instead, it was stored in a city warehouse for two years. On September 30, 1865, it was finally unveiled to the public as the first figurative decoration of the city park.

During World War II, the Danube Woman, made of expensive and fragile Carrara marble, was severely damaged. In 1948, sculptor Fellinger created a stone copy that replaced the original. Nevertheless, rumors circulate about copies and originals. Some claim that the original Danube Maiden is located in the Hotel Imperial on the Ringstrasse. There are also stories that a small version of the fountain, also made of Carrara marble, is preserved in the Wine Museum at Karlsplatz. Another authentic version, it is said, was located in the former Roman bath in the 2nd district of Vienna.

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Vienna. The Ringstrasse.

A leisurely stroll through the historic part of the city unfolds a tapestry of enchanting landmarks. The city park, adorned with the melodies of Strauss and Schubert, leads to the venerable city gates named after Luger and Mozart. The narrative of "Ah, My Sweet Augustine" echoes through time, while the oldest church in the city stands as a testament to bygone eras. The tales of Theodor Herzl, the anchor clocks, the Jewish quarter, the square where it all began, the longest narrow alley, the Estergazi restaurant, and Andersen's house weave together seamlessly.

Wander down Graben Street, passing by the plague column and fountains, where the stories of homes, people, words, legends, and traditions blend harmoniously. Amidst it all, relish the charm of restaurants, cafes, wines, and coziness that add an extra layer of warmth to this rich tapestry of history and culture.

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