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The most widespread and succulent plant in this region is known as "Khubeza" in Arabic or "Mallow" in English. The English name comes from Middle English "malwe," derived from Old English "mealwe," which itself was borrowed from Latin "malva." This lineage of the name reflects the plant's long-standing recognition across cultures.

In Arabic, the plant is called خُبَازَى (Khubeza). The name is connected to the word خُبْز (Khobz) - bread, possibly due to the round shape of the plant's seeds, reminiscent of a loaf of bread. In Hebrew, the plant is known as חלמית (Chalamit), and in other instances in Jewish texts, it's referred to as "חלמה" (Chalmah). The name also appears in Syriac as ܚܠܲܡܬܵܐ (Chalamta), referring to the marshmallow plant (from which marshmallow candy was originally made), due to its similarity to the medicinal plant Althaea officinalis.

Some interpreters suggest that this plant is mentioned in the Bible under the name "חַלָּמוּת" (Chalamut) in the Book of Job, although this interpretation is not universally accepted. The Mallow, also known as "Khubeza" in Arabic, "Arabian Bread," and "Dwarf Bread," is historically significant in Israel, especially in Jerusalem. During the siege in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the residents of Jerusalem consumed it as a food source during times of scarcity. The plant thrives in wild fields, neglected areas, but also in home gardens, symbolizing resilience and adaptability.

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