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The Bastonnas Hill stands in the park of the same name, and the whole park owes its name to this place. Once, Riga was protected by bastions. Opposite the bastion slide, the Powder Tower stands - the former sand tower. From here went the main trade route to Pskov and Novgorod. When the bastions and city ramparts were dismantled, a part of this space was set aside as a park. A cafe revered by respected residents of Riga appeared on the bastion hill. Doctors of the city even advised the health club in the park with an obligatory cup of coffee in a cafe. Here the architect Agt built a pedestrian bridge over the canal, called the eighth wonder of the world. The tradition says that many well-to-do residents of Riga whose native language was German in the name Agt - heard the word Akht (eight), hence the bridge eight. I still do not understand this Istria, it seems to me far-fetched. But the bridge is beautiful without any connection with Acht or Agt. Ducks, swans swim in the canal at the foot of the hill, and there are walking boats with real "captains" in a cap and jacket. Next time, I will definitely ride on a boat, well ... goodbye, Riga. Translated with Google Translate

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A rainy autumn day in Riga

What to do in Riga on a rainy autumn day, and even a day off? You can actually have a great time and share some secrets. Translated with Google Translate

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