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When Albrecht Dürer bought this prestigious house in 1509, it was almost 100 years old. Germany's most celebrated painter lived here until he died in 1528. By a miracle, the house survived the destruction of Nuremberg in World War I. Today it is not only a museum and a memorial to Albrecht Dürer but also the only place where the bourgeois lifestyle of Nuremberg from 1500th is restored and preserved. The house was constructed in 1420, together with a yard with a well and stables. In 1509 the house was purchased by Dürer for the substantial sum of 275 guilders. Only in1526 Dürer finally redeemed all interest charges on the house, but two years later, on 6 April 1528, Dürer died. Durer has no offspring, and his wife Agnes was the sole heir to the entire property. After the death of Agness, the house was sold in 1541. After the Second World War, the house was repaired and reopened in 1971. Modern construction was annexed on the 500th anniversary of Dürer's birth in 1995. Today there are guided tours by "Agnes Dürer" that demonstrate historic printing techniques in the "Workshop." In 2010 new methodic development for the museum was the creation of a graphics cabinet on the 3rd floor. The first thing, the visitor sees in the museum is the picture known by the title Albrecht Dürer, Nuremberg, 1500. This is one of the most famous self-portraits and at the same time one of the most mysterious. Did Albrecht Dürer really want to represent himself as a Jesus Christ in this portrait? Does this portrait really show 29-year-old Dürer, or was "the year 1500" simply chosen as a particularly meaningful date? The controversy among art historians continues. We will try to find answers to this and other questions during our visit to the museum.

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Nuremberg for those who love walking around. I love to walk around the city and discover its stories, people, tastes, sounds, views. This walk takes a whole day and includes the most beautiful photo locations of the city. We will walk along the embankments of the Pegnitz River from the eastern to the western gates; we will be able to take beautiful photos near the Holy Spirit Hospital, the museum bridge, and the old meat market, the executioner's house, the chain bridge, and Maxbruck. We will leave the old city for a few minutes to enjoy the autumn park, enchanted by a crossbow shooter. We will visit the house of Albrecht Durer and find out the history of the most intriguing fake portrait in the history of humankind. We will have lunch at the oldest restaurant in the city and end our journey in the area of ​​the red light district.

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