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The Canaanite Gate The gate of the Canaanite city that was connected by a wall to a gigantic watchtower The gate and the tower were part of a wall that surrounded the city. The gate is typical of this period; it is constructed of mud-brick on a stone foundation, and is preserved to a height of seven meters. Huge stone pilasters protruding into the passageway narrow its width. On the outside were wooden doors that did not survive. From the gate, the city wall continues left and connects to the remains of the gigantic watchtower. The tower was about 16 meters wide and more than 20 meters long! It is the largest fortification of its type in Israel.

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Tel Gezer, Israel

A walk along Tel Gezer reveals the most unexpected and amazing moments of the distant past. The oldest Hebrew inscription was found here. The giant pagan altar of Canaan was found here. The city gates of the times of King Solomon were found here. Spring is the best time for walking. A green carpet of lush grass covers the hill slopes, and trails lead to the cold waters of a natural spring in the middle of wheat fields.

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