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There were 22 houses in Menahemia. 11 on each side except for two public houses: the doctor's house and the school. The local doctor Max Galit immigrated from Russia in 1911. He became famous thanks to research and the ability to cure the two serious diseases of those days: malaria and rubella. The greatest doctors of the community came to learn from him: Dr. Ticho and Zuckerman from Jerusalem, and even Dr. Mr. Rosh Pina is considered the inventor of a cure for malaria. In the 1920s, gypsum began to be produced in Menahemia. The rupture in the area is rich in the components needed for this industry. Later, the plaster was loaded on the valley train and a plant was transferred to Nesher. But in the 1930s Menahemia begins to fade. The kibbutzim movement surrounds Menahemia on all sides. The Medical Association finds that pharmacist Max Galit does not have a suitable education and does not pass certification exams. Places are filled by Dr. Zuckerman, Max Porsche, who buys a flock of sheep and lives alone until his death in 1961. The British copy the gypsum industry to Nesher. Rothenberg and attracts people.But the great disaster came after the War of Independence.Everything just stopped.

At the doctor's house, house tours are organized in Menahemia. The guide Dubi 0506485120 and Malka from the doctor's house 0522855746, you can also call Nehama from the Council for the Preservation of Sites - 0522813397

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