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The estate of Drabeshi was owned in 1720 by a Polish officer from the Drabesi clan. Since 1794, the estate belonged to the Blackenhagen family. The modern estate was built in the classical style in the first quarter of the XIX century in 1820. She suffered heavy fire damage during the Russian Revolution of 1905, but was repaired before the First World War. After agrarian reforms in the early 1920s, the building became the first orphanage and then an elementary school. The poet Alexander Chuck worked there as a teacher and administrator from 1925 to 1927. In 1959, the estate became an elementary boarding school in the village of Drabeshi, which eventually moved to a new larger building nearby. Recently, a windmill has been restored as a landmark. It is located south of the village of Drabesi and north of the village of Araishi, now it is usually called the Araishi windmill (Āraišu vējdzirnavas). The mill is closed for restoration. It is supposed to open a museum. The mill is famous for the fact that it almost completely preserved the original mechanism of rotation of the mill in different directions in order to "catch up" with the direction of the wind. Translated with Google Translate

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