Pinsteps. Rakshi Zoo, Latvia
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Llama and alpaca camel farm. In fact, this was not the purpose of our visit to this place. Although, this is probably interesting and there were many families with children. We searched for hiking trails along the Gauja River, the main attraction of the park. I read about such routes for an hour, two or more, up to multi-day trips in guidebooks, but I could not figure out where they started. It turns out yes, from here you can go on different routes, but it was cold and drizzling rain and we did not dare. A large map with routes and a short description of them stands on the border of the forest and parking, next to a path that attracts adventure on one side and a rather lazy and imposing farm of outlandish pets on the other. Translated with Google Translate

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Evgeny Praisman
Golden Autumn of Latvia, Cesis, Riga

Day trip through the Gauja river park, old manors, ancient Cesis and a medieval castle, the Baltic Sea and coniferous forest and of course the beautiful old woman of Riga Translated with Google Translate

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