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St. Anne's Cathedral is one of the few Gothic cathedrals of Vilnius. They say his beauty and grace impressed Napoleon Bonaparte so much that he wanted to disassemble the cathedral brick by brick and take it to Paris. Fortunately, these plans failed to materialize. For five centuries since its creation in the 15th century, the church has remained virtually unchanged: its plastic, dynamic forms and vertical proportions, like huge lianas grow from the ground and stretch up. The reason for its elegance lies in the 33 types of bricks and clay shades used in construction - this is a yellow shaped brick, carefully baked, resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. After the fire of 1761, the smoky outer walls were painted red. Translated with Google Translate

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Walking tour of Vilnius for 5 hours.

The route begins and ends on Bernardine Street near a wonderful small hotel Hidden Garden at number 4. You can climb the Castle Hill, walk through the artists quarter - Uzupis, wander the streets of old Vilnius, have a delicious lunch at Styklu Street, visit the most famous bakery in the city and complete the route with an acquaintance with the Vilna sage and the oldest university in the country. Translated with Google Translate

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