Pinsteps. Tel Aviv's Florentine: From Grit to Greenery
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Tel Aviv's Florentine district, currently undergoing vibrant gentrification, is more than just a canvas for graffiti. It was initially an old part of the city, with land purchased for Greek Jews from Salonika who had suffered during World War I and had to flee from Greece amidst the fierce conflict between Greeks and Turks following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Throughout its history, the district has been the poorest yet the liveliest in Tel Aviv.

Over the past decades, it started attracting African refugees, with drug abuse, prostitution, and petty crime flourishing in the area. The city authorities claimed it wasn't the district that shaped the people but the people who shaped the neighbourhood and encouraged young people to settle there. They allocated a park for vegetable and fruit gardening, and people now come to harvest the produce. The city authorities have even provided training on growing plants, installing special compost boxes, and even a unique outdoor cooperative cafeteria in the district.

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Evgeny Praisman
Florintin, Tel Aviv: A Journey into the Heart of Culture and Contemporary Art

Our open discussion will revolve around the unique and vibrant neighbourhood of Florentine in Tel Aviv, where we'll explore its distinctive street art, contemporary culture, and rich history. We'll touch on various artists, including Kislev and Murielle Cohen, and explore their interpretation of this neighbourhood's ever-changing emotional and societal implications.

As for what lies for us ahead in Florentine, it's an exciting opportunity to marvel at the vivid street art that adorns its buildings, dive into bustling local pubs, and engage with the colourful personalities that will form the beating heart of this district. Florintin will unfold before us as a place where the modern pulse of Tel Aviv meets the echoes of its past, promising a truly unique and immersive experience.

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