Pinsteps. Grüner See, Emerald lake, Austria
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By diving in the lake, divers can enjoy the special fish-eye effect created by the diver mask together with the water surface. Due to the calm surface of the water and the constant refraction of light on its surface, a wide-angle, unobstructed view appear of the forest around the lake and the towering mountains. In the supine position, when you look vertically up, you can see the mountains on the right and left at the same time when the spheric effect of the mask window for diving is strengthened by the wide-angle impact of the surface of the water.

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Evgeny Praisman
Grüner See Lake, Austria

Grüner See is rightfully considered one of the wonders of Austria. The lake is often called the Emerald Lake because of the special shade of its water. Hiking trails of different lengths and difficulties are arranged along the shores of the lake. Stunning views are along these trails. Diving on the lake is one of the most unusual tourist attractions in Austria.

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