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The opening of the children's railway was reported to Stalin. Stalin summoned Kaganovich, the minister of transport in a modern manner. He showed telegram and asked whether Kaganovich was aware of the case. He didn't know a thing. They called Beria in Tbilisi and asked what kind of new railway you had there, Lavrentiy Pavlovic? Beria confirmed the existence of the children's railway. Kaganovich was sent to check. He arrived with a check-up early in the morning and was not allowed to enter the platform because there were still a few hours left until the opening at 9 a.m. But for the ruble - a simple souvenir (the joke), you could come out of time. Stalin was informed that there is a children's railway in Tbilisi. He suggested Beria encourage children and send them to Moscow for a reception at the Bolshoi Theatre. This story was described in the newspaper «It's true." in the 1935 year.

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Evgeny Praisman
Tbilisi, Jvari. May 31, 2019

On this beautiful sunny day, we went to Jvari to see the confluence of Aragvi and Kura from the top of the monastery, took a ride on the children's railway and visited the market under the Dry Bridge and climbed the funicular to Matsminda and met a spectacular sunset.

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