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Located on the hill of the old county of Buenna, the tower towers - the castle of Admiral Perot Niño, Count of Buelna and Sir Cigales. Tower - the castle was built at the end of the XIV century by his brother Alfonso Niño. The castle was conceived in the Gothic style, but as usual in those years it was rectangular and built like a cube of 14 m. Height. The ground floor contained a shop and stables. The intermediate one was intended to house the people who ruled the county, and the third floor was intended for the watchtower and watch. Windows placed in the second level were used to protect the tower. At the present time in the Tower you can see a permanent exhibition entitled “Feather Niño: The Life and Wanderings of a Medieval Gentleman”. Translated with Google Translate

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A tiny medieval town in the mountains. Beautiful views and unexpected stories. Translated with Google Translate

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