Pinsteps. Ben Shemen Forest: A Mushroom Hunter’s Slope
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In the Ben Shemen forest, there are many different mushroom spots. This is just one of them. Here, you can spend a lot of time gathering three types of mushrooms, but for this, you'll need to climb a bit higher, almost imperceptibly, up the gentle slope.

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Evgeny Praisman
Mushroom picking in Ben Shemen forest of Feb 8, 2024

This concise guide introduces you to three types of edible mushrooms found in Ben Shemen Forest: saffron milk caps, slippery jacks, and blewits. February is an excellent time for mushroom foraging, especially after rains on a sunny day. The experience is made unforgettable not just by the mushrooms, but also by the forest's beauty, highlighted by the blooming anemones and cyclamens, making those few hours spent in nature truly memorable.

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