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Probably the most popular New Year’s toy is a Nutcracker. The story of the Nutcracker is most commonly associated with the ballet "The Nutcracker," which was first performed in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1892. The ballet is based on the German story "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" by E.T.A. Hoffmann, first published in 1816.

In the story, a young girl named Marie receives a Nutcracker as a gift from her godfather on Christmas Eve. She falls asleep with the Nutcracker in her arms and dreams that the toy has come to life, leading her on a magical journey through a world of toys and sweets. The Nutcracker and Marie face many challenges, including a battle with the evil Mouse King, before they finally arrive at the Land of Sweets, where they have crowned the rulers.

The story of the Nutcracker has become a beloved holiday tradition in many countries, and the ballet is performed annually in many cities during the Christmas season. The ballet is known for its beautiful music, stunning costumes, and captivating story, and it has become an essential part of the holiday season for many people worldwide. The Nutcracker is often displayed as a decoration during the holiday season, and it has become one of the most recognisable symbols of Christmas and the New Year.

Every family that produces Christmas tree decorations and toys always has an assortment of Nutcrackers and other characters from the famous fairy tale.

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Salzburg, Capuchin mountain and Altstadt. Jan 9, 2023

Salzburg, Austria is a beautiful city to visit during the winter months. The city is known for its well-preserved Baroque architecture and its association with the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. During the winter, the city is decorated with festive lights and decorations, creating a charming and picturesque atmosphere.

The winter season in Salzburg begins in December and lasts until February, and during this time the temperature can drop below freezing, so it is important to dress warmly. Snowfall is common during the winter months and can make the city even more picturesque. Some of the main attraction in the city such as the Hohensalzburg Castle, the Salzburg Cathedral and the Mirabell Palace are open to visitors during the winter and offer unique experiences with the snow and lighting.

Salzburg is also home to several outdoor ice skating rinks, which are a popular activity for both locals and tourists. The Christkindlmarkt, or Christmas market, is also a popular winter attraction in Salzburg. The market is held in the heart of the city and features a variety of vendors selling handmade crafts, gifts, and traditional food and drink. It's a great way to experience the local culture and tradition.

Overall, Salzburg in the winter is a magical and charming destination, perfect for those looking to experience the city's rich history, culture, and festive atmosphere.

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