Pinsteps. Florintine: Graffiti Narrating Complex Realities
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Abraham Samuel Bacharach Street in Tel Aviv's Florentine district is named after Rabbi Bacharach, a respected 16th-century scholar known for his contributions to Jewish religious literature. This street intersects with Elifelet Street, named after a biblical warrior, reflecting the city's deep ties to historical and spiritual roots.

Here begins our graffiti tour in Tel Aviv's Florentine district. At first glance, it may not be apparent, but upon closer inspection, you can spot a pair of eyes painted on distant balconies, on building walls near the roof. These eyes serve as a symbol - a reminder that everything eventually becomes visible and transparent in this world and that the authorities' eyes are ever-present. Graffiti is officially prohibited in Israel, yet no one has been punished for it, creating a sort of tacit tango between the powers that be and those expressing protest or criticism, however unfounded it may sometimes be, signifying the importance of this dynamic in the relationship between people and their rulers.

Prominent graffiti artist Kislev is known for depicting a boy reaching upward with balloons, underlined by a bird at the top. This scene echoes the separation wall between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Its recurrence here could be seen as more than a nod towards an ideal of peace and friendship between Jews and Arabs. Instead, it might represent the dangerous illusion of a temporary utopia, an idyllic dream of peace that people cling to, often at the cost of confronting the complex reality around them. This desperate reach for an ideal, at the expense of all else, illuminates the peril of blind faith and its self-destructive potential.

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Evgeny Praisman
Florintin, Tel Aviv: A Journey into the Heart of Culture and Contemporary Art

Our open discussion will revolve around the unique and vibrant neighbourhood of Florentine in Tel Aviv, where we'll explore its distinctive street art, contemporary culture, and rich history. We'll touch on various artists, including Kislev and Murielle Cohen, and explore their interpretation of this neighbourhood's ever-changing emotional and societal implications.

As for what lies for us ahead in Florentine, it's an exciting opportunity to marvel at the vivid street art that adorns its buildings, dive into bustling local pubs, and engage with the colourful personalities that will form the beating heart of this district. Florintin will unfold before us as a place where the modern pulse of Tel Aviv meets the echoes of its past, promising a truly unique and immersive experience.

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