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The wine factory is on the other side, and we are near the Board. This building nowadays houses a nice cafe. Rothschild founded wineries not only in Rishon LeZion, but also in Zichron Yakov, a settlement near Haifa. Rothschild named it in memory of his father James (Yakov), who bought Chateau Lafite (Zichron means "memory" in Hebrew). An emblem for wineries was bought from a small winery Efrat near Jerusalem, which belonged to the Teperberg family. By the way, Teperbergs still produce their own wine, and their brand carries their name. The emblem depicts a biblical story: after forty years of wandering in the desert people of Israel sent scouts to find out what obstacles await them on the new path before entering the Promised land. Some returned complaining about the difficulties, while others came carrying a huge bunch of grapes on their shoulders as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. World fame came to the wines of Rishon LeZion and Zichron Jacob quickly enough. In 1896, a wine shop of Carmel wine was opened in Warsaw, in 1898 - in Odessa. They were followed by shops in Berlin, Hamburg, London and New York. The year of creation the emblem, 1889, was replaced by the year of foundation of Rishon LeZion, 1882, and thus was created a firm connection between the fate of the settlement, the enterprise, the history of the revival of the old Testament story, the fate of the country and the name of Rothschilds. Being a worker at the factory was prestigious and profitable. David Ben Gurion, the founder of the state and the first Prime Minister, worked here for some time. In the building, now housing a cafe, was a dining room, and then a wine shop. In 1957, the Rothschilds sold their shares, and in 2013, a controlling stake was sold to private hands for 130 million shekels.

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Rishon leZion. This is where it all began. This is not just an expression – this is history.

This is a special tour and a unique route. Its difference from the usual city tour is that your mobile phone is the guide. As in every excursion, it takes time to get used to the tour guide, his style, rhythm and pathways. The only difference is that in this case, you are the storyteller, you are walking yourself and set the pace for yourself - all according to your style. Just give yourself time to get used to it and you will come to life with a story full of the vicissitudes of the lives of real people, a story about their joys and sorrows, a story in which urban legends rise from the past, instill hope and simply sums up: here it all began.

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