Pinsteps. Ein Handak's Ancient Water Systems: Engineering Marvels of Historical Agriculture
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In ancient times, the area around Ein Handak was renowned for its sophisticated water systems, designed to meet the agricultural needs of the region. Residents carved deep cisterns into the rock, creating a network of channels that directed water to agricultural plots. This system showcased an advanced understanding of engineering and hydrology, ensuring the efficient use of precious water resources in the arid landscape of the Judean hills.

The water system included a series of dams and storage pools, ingeniously elevating water levels using gravity to distribute water evenly across the terraced landscape. One notable feature is a small dam within the cave system that controlled the flow of water, demonstrating the ancients' ability to manipulate environmental features for sustainable agriculture.

During the Ottoman and Mameluke periods, the economy of this region, like much of the Levant, relied heavily on agriculture, facilitated by such advanced water systems. The terraces and water channels developed in ancient times continued to be used, illustrating the long-term sustainability of these early engineering marvels.

Moreover, the presence of a monumental dam, known as "the small wall," similar in construction to the stones of the Western Wall and dating back to an ancient period, indicates the area's historical significance and its agricultural use over centuries. This dam, built across the narrow channel of Wadi Yosef, was crucial in preventing soil erosion and water loss, further highlighting the advanced understanding of hydrological engineering in the region.

The connection of Ein Handak to the times of the Crusaders is less directly documented, but the continuous use of the land and its water management systems throughout various historical periods, including the Crusades, underscores the strategic importance of water sources in the region's survival and prosperity. The meticulous construction and maintenance of water systems like those at Ein Handak are a testament to the region's rich history of adapting to and thriving within its natural environment.

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The Beginning: Ein Kerem Your adventure begins in Ein Kerem, a village that seems frozen in time with its stone houses, art galleries, and lush gardens. Known for its biblical significance and home to significant Christian sites, Ein Kerem serves as the perfect prologue to your journey through Jerusalem's mountains.

The Trail: From Ein Kerem to Nahal Sorek From the tranquility of Ein Kerem, the trail transitions into the rugged landscapes of Nahal Sorek. This part of the hike will challenge your muscles and reward your senses, as the terrain becomes more demanding. Nahal Sorek, mentioned in biblical texts, offers not only a journey through nature but also a voyage back in time. As you navigate its paths, you're tracing the steps of countless others who have traversed these lands for millennia.

The Israel National Trail Your path intersects with sections of the Israel National Trail, a trail that snakes through the entire country, from the Lebanese border in the north to the Red Sea in the south. This segment provides a unique perspective on Israel's diverse landscapes, showcasing the ecological variety and the seamless blend of history and modernity.

Return Loop: Ein Handak and Ein Kerem Springs The trail loops back towards Ein Kerem, guiding hikers through Ein Handak and past the refreshing springs of Ein Kerem. These natural water sources, nestled in the Jerusalem mountains, offer serene spots for reflection and a well-deserved respite from the day's exertions. The sound of flowing water and the shade of ancient trees create an oasis of calm, inviting you to replenish before the final leg of your journey.

The Culmination: Mala Bistro Your trek concludes where it began, in Ein Kerem, but the experience is far from over. The final stop is Mala Bistro, a gastronomic gem that promises to satiate your hunger with culinary masterpieces. Here, in the heart of this picturesque village, you'll enjoy dishes crafted from the freshest local ingredients, each bite a reflection of Jerusalem's rich cultural tapestry. The restaurant's intimate setting and thoughtfully prepared cuisine offer the perfect end to a day of exploration and discovery.

Reflections This walking tour with its hiking parts is more than just a physical journey; it's an exploration of the soul of Jerusalem and its surroundings. From the historical depths of Ein Kerem to the natural beauty of Nahal Sorek and the culinary delights of Mala Bistro, you're invited to experience the essence of this ancient land in a day. The breathtaking views, the challenging and rewarding paths, and the finale of exceptional cuisine at Mala Bistro encapsulate the spirit of adventure and the richness of Jerusalem's mountainous landscape.

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