Pinsteps. Rothschild's administration house

We are approaching the last point of our journey. On the contrary, on the corner of Rothschild and Mogilever streets, there is a nondescript house among high eucalyptus trees. This is the first house of government. It was built for the officers of Baron Rothschild in 1883. Once this house represented all the greatness of the almost limitless power of the mangers of Baron Rothschild. They gave out the allowance, they made all decisions, life in the settlement depended on their anger and love. In front of this exact house occurred the famous revolt and Osovitsky ran to Mikveh Israel from here. Eventually, his post was taken by other officials: Lyon, Haim, Bloch and Hazan, and a delicate balance struck between the Baron's money and the selflessness of the settlers' idealists of Rishon LeZion. Between the Jews of Western and Eastern Europe, between the followers of Hasidism and the supporters of the enlightenment movement (Haskalah). Between different people united by one faith. Faith in the revival of Israel in the land of Israel. This is where it all began.

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Evgeny Praisman
Rishon leZion. This is where it all began. This is not just an expression – this is history.

This is a special tour and a unique route. Its difference from the usual city tour is that your mobile phone is the guide. As in every excursion, it takes time to get used to the tour guide, his style, rhythm and pathways. The only difference is that in this case, you are the storyteller, you are walking yourself and set the pace for yourself - all according to your style. Just give yourself time to get used to it and you will come to life with a story full of the vicissitudes of the lives of real people, a story about their joys and sorrows, a story in which urban legends rise from the past, instill hope and simply sums up: here it all began.

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