Pinsteps. Expecting the Yarmouk Reservoir, Jordan Valley
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A green reservoir was established and managed by the Jordan Valley Water Association. As part of the peace agreement, the reservoir supplies water to Jordan. The Water Association is a private association of 12 localities. 90 million cubic meters per year. Supply water to the Sirin Plateau to the Lower Galilee to the Valley of the Springs and the entrances to the Golan Heights. Raise water to a height of 620 meters from a level of minus 200. For this purpose, pumps of 3300 volts were installed. This reservoir completely blocks the flow of Yarmuk to the south. Excess water is transferred to the Sea of Galilee. Utilize the water area of the reservoir for photovoltaic cells. What floats on the water. This reduces the evaporation of the water. By the way, the Israel Land Authority charges double tax on both the reservoir and the photovoltaic system. The reservoir uses 7 megabytes of electricity. There is direct use of net counter and method of and rates and method of tenders. In the middle of the reservoir passes through a statutory path and it does not allow to put the photovoltaic cells but can be flooded. In front of us are the mountains of Gilad and right next to the border on the Jordanian side is the town of Abyssinia. It has a large community of Baha'is and Arab residents who fled in 1948. In the siege is written a song by Leah Goldberg written for the children of Afikim. You can listen to the song in the wonderful performance of Arik Einstein and read about the story of the song.

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Jordan Valley and southern shore of Kinneret

This daily trip kisses the most mythical points of the Israeli tradition. We will start with Menahemia, which was once called the Paris of the Galilee and became a hole in the Jordan Valley. We will talk and observe the important sites related to the peace agreement with the Kingdom of Jordan and the management of the water economy between the two countries. We will visit Kibbutz Kinneret Group and get to know Naomi Shemer's places of inspiration and end up at Kibbutz Maagan in the Paratrooper's House. Translated with Google Translate

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