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The fisherman's bastion was erected in 1899-1905 according to the project of the architect Fridies Shulek and was conceived as an architectural background for the Matthias Church. Despite its name, the Fisherman's Bastion never had a defensive significance. Previously, on the site of the Fisherman's Bastion, there was an area surrounded by a fortress wall where fish trade was taking place. In the Middle Ages, Buda fishermen defended this section of the fortress wall in the event of a military threat, and the Fisherman's Bastion became a monument to the brave guild of fishermen.

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Plan. Walk around Buda partially by car, partially on foot.

From Margaret Island we go to the Fisherman's Bastion of Budapest. Here we take a walk and enjoy the views and fabulous architecture. From there, by car to the palace and the fortress, then after a short walk, go down to the Svoboda bridge - one of the most beautiful bridges in the city and end the walk on the most famous market in Budapest. Translated with Google Translate

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