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Village Ein Rapha slides down the moderate slopes of the Kisallon Valley. The pastoral views remind Europa. You have to close your eyes and close your ears to break away from the bustling atmosphere of an authentic Arab village. Or, find a place in this cafe. In front of you will be revealed a world full of vineyards in which the sun has penetrated the breakthroughs between leaves, sows light and heat and embraces the blessed earthen. Order yourself an authentic Arabian coffee. There is a small bakery with various fresh pastries, and you will enjoy the atmosphere and beauty.

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Culinary tour in the Arab village of Ein Rafa

The rural vicinity of the village Ein Rapha in the Jerusalem mountains mixed with the Kisallon River landscapes creates a unique atmosphere of eternal peace and invites you to taste the authenticity of the local cuisine. Locals prepare dishes from local ingredients according to local traditions, and instead to say more "local", taste this.

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