Pinsteps. Yad leBanim House

Today this building houses an educational and cultural center and a complex in memory of the residents of Rishon LeZion, who died for freedom and independence of Israel. During the formation of the city, here were institutions of the board and of Baron Rothschild's protégés. On the balcony of the second floor you can see the silhouettes of several people. This composition describes a visit of Theodore Herzl in Rishon LeZion in 1898. The real purpose of Herzel's visit to Turkey was a meeting with Wilhelm II, German Emperor. Emperor was in Palestine on a state visit, visited German settlements in Haifa and the center of the country and communicated with Turkish Pasha in the Holy city of Jerusalem. Herzl sought an audience of the Kaiser as a strong ruler of world politics so that he supported the idea of creating a Jewish state in his historical homeland. Their meeting lasted only a few minutes at the gates of Mikveh Israel. There was no time for cameras to capture this moment, so later it was decided to take a photo montage. Herzl dropped in Richon leZion after this event. He spent less than a day here, having stayed earlier in Mikveh Israel. Herzl had deep disagreements with the policies of Rothschild and his henchmen, but the reception at the house of government was warm and even the city orchestra played in honor of Herzl. From here Herzl went on a visit to the house of Asher Levin, a wealthy peasant who did not need the support of the Baron. Then Herzl visited the city park and performed in the city club. He spent the night here in the house of board and in the morning went to Ness Zion and Rehovot.

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Rishon leZion. This is where it all began. This is not just an expression – this is history.

This is a special tour and a unique route. Its difference from the usual city tour is that your mobile phone is the guide. As in every excursion, it takes time to get used to the tour guide, his style, rhythm and pathways. The only difference is that in this case, you are the storyteller, you are walking yourself and set the pace for yourself - all according to your style. Just give yourself time to get used to it and you will come to life with a story full of the vicissitudes of the lives of real people, a story about their joys and sorrows, a story in which urban legends rise from the past, instill hope and simply sums up: here it all began.

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