Pinsteps. Kadarim Restaurant, Haifa
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Ones it was a pottery shop. Potters made pots of local clay that were highly valued. Then they began to open restaurants around and in the former china shop they began to serve meat stewed in a pot. The Kadarim restaurant thus began its history. Unfortunately today there are neither pots nor meat nor history left. This is the usual eatery with ordinary hummus chips and kebabs

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Evgeny Praisman
By the sea shore. My trip in Haifa of Mar 25, 2019

Night promenade from train station Hof aCarmel to Bat Galim. Evening walks are good because there are few people, there are many thoughts, and there is enough time not to rush anywhere. In the light of day, vanity is rustling, and under cover of night, the mystery is silent. At such hours, you can walk for a long time, slowly, and look back into history. There were less fuss and more time, where the sand was free-flowing, and the people were hard-working.

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