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Berlin, Jews and Nazi regime


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Evgeny Praisman (author)
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Places with media

Jews are no longer allowed to buy newspapers and magazines on 17.2.1942

Memorial places of memory in the Bavarian Quarter Deportation and murder of Berlin Jews in the years from 1933 to 1945 Translated with Google Translate

A film that was released in Germany by German citizens of German origin was recognized as a German film.

Memorial Places to Jews Living in Berlin from 1933 to 1945 O Renata Pf and Frieder Schnock, Berlin, 1993 Translated with Google Translate

Journalists must prove their Aryan origin for themselves and their spouse before the year 1800. 04/15/1936

Think of Einnem's places in the fourth exclusion and deprivation of civil rights, expulsion, deportation and murder of Berlin Jews in 1933-1945

Translated with Google Translate

Jewish doctors are no longer allowed to practice. 25.7.1938 Monument Memorable places in Bavaria Deportation and languages. Expulsion of the Berlin Judo in the years from 1933 to 1945 Translated with Google Translate

The baptism of the Jews and the conversion to Christianity have no meaning for the national question. 10/4/1936

Memorial sites for Jews living in Bertine from 1933 to 194 Translated with Google Translate


Aryan and non-Aryan children are forbidden to play together. 1938 Translated with Google Translate


Postal officers married to Jewish women must retire. 8/6/1937

“The time has come, tomorrow I have to leave, and, of course, it will be difficult for me, I will write to you ...” Before the deportation, 16.1.1942 Translated with Google Translate


Jewish religious associations are responsible for removing the ruins of the synagogue. Reconstruction is not allowed. 03/24/1939

Translated with Google Translate


The telephone communications of the Jews are terminated by the post office. From 7.7.1940 Starting from 12/21/1941 ban on the use of public telephones.

Translated with Google Translate

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